Praia do Carvoeiro

Algarvian Restaurants

Dine in Paradise!

Located just two minutes walk from the centre of Praia do Carvoeiro, A Vela is privileged to be in this small heaven on earth. We give our guests the chance to try the most traditional and tasty cuisine from our surroundings. The village is considered as magic for keeping the typical side of the Algarve Coast and this is what we keep on focusing on our dishes and passing it onto the taste of these.

Praia do Carvoeiro is not in the centre of a big city nor in the massive touristic sightseeings, it is right where you find your ultimate relaxation. There is defiantly many tourists through out the year, mainly summer time, however it manages to keep it familiar and a safe location. 

A Vela’s staff members are strongly focused on promoting also our regional beauties while speaking to our guests about it. Once you join us you are the privileged person by eating in paradise with our touch to traditional food as well as personalized service provided. Join us 🙂