The Secret Behind The Tiramisu

Tiramisu Secrets

One of the version that goes around Siena, Toscana, was dominated in the 16th century by the Medici Family. In honor to one of them, a dessert was created which is The Tiramisu.

This dessert was created to honor Granduque of Florence, which back then, the dessert had the name of “Zuppa del Duca”, made out of eggs, milk and marsala wine and therefor also called the ‘English Soup’. As per historians, this sweet treat had the goal of helping the family to reproduce more descendants, which worked out well since Granduque Cosme The Third had three kids.

To the Tiramisu was later on added coffee, considered to be aphrodisiac, and chocolate, that was a stimulater, and because of this combination this dessert was eaten before romantic dates. After this, the popularity of Tiramisu in Italy was just a matter of time. All over the country, millions of tourists look forward to eat this famous “dolci”.


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