Portuguese Cuisine


It is a very typical cooking item introduced in the Algarve coast by the arabs, of the north of Africa, back in the 18th century. Known for its bronze color and two round ‘pans’ attached to each other by a hinge.

The main cooking items used for this dish are always seafood and fish which is one of the most typical cuisine in the south of Portugal. As a ‘normal pan’ you may place it on top of the stove and slow cook the food inside it.

The special touch given to this very unique dish is, as in many typical Portuguese dishes, the olive oil as base to heat up the Cataplana. You than, will be adding tomatoes, variety of peppers, sliced potatoes & seafood at last. Please note that, there are more spices and seasonings to it, which are, as you may understand our special touch to detail and main secret 🙂

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