A Vela Restaurant


“A Vela”, one of many Carvoeiro restaurants with genuine Portuguese Food.


Looking for an amazing food experience? “A Vela” is one of the best restaurants in Algarve.

Located just two minutes walk from the center of Carvoeiro, A Vela, which is open for dinner only as many other carvoeiro restaurants, offering a mixture of traditional Portuguese food, International and Mediterranean dishes. All the dishes come to your table beautifully presented and with great attention to detail. Antónia, the owner, and her team are all very hospitable and ensure the most friendly and professional service to all of their clients. Considered to be one of the best restaurants of Algarve it is reckon by its modest entrance, that gives no hint of the panoramic interior, yet once you enter you will feel the magic inside of it. When you find A Vela you are surely returning time and time again. The cuisine is very simple with a great combo to sophistication and moreover very much tasty and made with love! You can choose from fish dishes (most traditional Portuguese dishes) to a steak on the stone as a meat dish, moving on to the homemade dessert made by Antonia that will close this unique experience, differentiating from the others restaurants in Algarve.

Antónia, is the owner of one of the best restaurants in Algarve.

Antónia, the owner of the best restaurants in Algarve, and her team welcome everybody to this magnificent venue full of atmosphere and tasty food.  A Vela Restaurant opened its doors on the 31st may 2004, completing in total, 14 years of existence. It has gone through some changes which you can check it out on our post ‘before and after’ and realize how growth and innovation has been part of this process. Get ready though, more news are about to pop out the following year 2019! 

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